Brand Philosophy

      In Buryat language “Mergen-Bator” means “an accurate bowman”. So, the logo of the hotel in the shape of an arrow symbolizes moving forward and striving to the new success and new achievements. Hotel “Mergen-Bator” is a part of “Putnik” hotels collection, owned by Group of companies “METROPOL” (, a large investment group corporation with Russian assets. The companies of this group work on different fields: exchange business, financial management and consulting, banking business and investment activities, development and exploitation of the fields, commercial work in the real estate and tour markets, innovative projects support.

      “Putnik” hotels collection   comprises the hotels with 90-year history starting in 1923:

      1. 4* Hotel  “Club A”, Serbia,  Kopaonik
      2. 3* Hotel  “Putnik”, Serbia,  Kopaonik
      3. 3* Hotel “Admiral”, Montenegro, Budva is situated in the very centre of Budva, one of the most beautiful parts of Montenegro seaside.
      4. 3* Hotel “Tulip Inn”, Serbia, Belgrad


      Unique 4* castle-hotel “Vignette Haute”, France

      Comfortable apartments at an antique residence “Alexander III” France, Cannes