Opened all-round view “BAR 12”

January 16, 2014

In the Ulan-Ude city, the capital of Buryatia Republic, was opened the first in Siberia all-round view “BAR 12” with moving glass floor.

The Bar has got its name not only because it is located on the 12th floor of the modern multi-purpose building of the Buryat Business Center, but also due to the magic of the 12 numeral which has appealed to the best minds and civilizations from the time immemorial. The mystery of the 12 numeral comprises twelve Zodiac signs that garnish the ceiling of the Bar, the twelve Months of the Russian folktales, the 12 months European calendar, the 12-year Buddhist cycle, and of course the 12 Apostles in Christianity – humanity has a lot of associations with the power of number 12.

There is a spinning platform around the Bar counter in a circular glassed room. It will take 30 minutes (12 times a day and 12 times a night) to insensibly turn you around the beauty of the outer scenery, the city views and the hilly confluence of the Uda and Selenga rivers. You will suddenly sensate a new unforgettable feeling of the Winner – you will be deliberately floating over the city and musing on the infinite vastness and freedom.

Make your best deals at the height of the “BAR 12”!

“BAR 12” is both an excellent choice of a modern stylish scene for a lively party among friends, and a silent remote place for business negotiations!

“BAR 12” is the best dishes and drinks of the Siberian cuisine restaurant “MERGEN” made to ancient recipes and modern internet-cocktails from the best bartenders of the world.

“BAR 12” is an ideal place, and it is destined only for you! Any of your events will pass at the top-level!

“BAR 12”, the choice is yours!