“Mergen Bator” Hotel is "The best ethno-hotel of the year”

February 20, 2015

On February, 19th the first Russian Hospitality Awards ceremony took place at the Lotte Hotel Moscow.
HOSPITALITY AWARDS is held in the biggest cities of Europe. It unites owners and top-managers of the best hotels, hotel operators, developers, auditors and consultants. It also combines mass and specialized media companies.
The main goals and objectives of HOSPITALITY AWARDS are increasing tourist attractiveness of the country and the level of providing services of the hospitality sector in Russia, creating a positive image of Russia in the international tourism market, increasing the competitiveness of hotels both at the domestic and international markets. One of the priority targets is an independent estimation of the Russian hospitality market participants which should put the hospitality industry into development and prosperity. 
In terms of HOSPITALITY AWARDS 18 best hotels were chosen out of the list of 11000 participants all over Russia. Thus, more than 600 hotels claimed to be named the best hotel in each category and only 400 hotels were shortlisted into the finals of the HOSPATALITY AWARDS.
Panel estimation formed 50% of the final result of the nominee. The customer evaluation that was based on hotel ratings in the local and international reservation systems (among those systems where real guests of the hotels could evaluate) was also taken into account.
The “Delloite”, CIS international company appeared as an independent monitor. 
Mergen Bator Hotel became a winner in the category "The best ethno-hotel of the year". “There were more than 70% of the biggest world famous chain hotels among the winners in other categories. It makes this victory really special for us cause it is much harder to compete with such hotels" - says Anastasia Zotova, CEO of the hotel and tourism group of the "METROPOL" group of companies.
This victory is a fresh impetus and source of inspiration for a further improvement of our Hospitality Art but also to keep the unique ethno-identity of the “Mergen Bator” hotel – a part of culture of the Republic of Buryatia.
It also should be mentioned that the day of Victory of the “Mergen Bator” hotel concurred with the day of national celebration of New Lunar Year in the Republic of Buryatia.