The leader of the team “Russian bogatyri” visited the Republic of Buryatia

July 10, 2014

The commander of the world-famous team "Russian Bogatyri" Alexander Muromskiy visited the Republic of Buryatia for the third time. Last summer in the capital of Buryatia, he with his strong men set a new world record. They broke within 60 seconds 11 telephone directories (11 440 pages).

This year's autumn Mr. Muromskiy plans to set a new world record. Which one is kept in secret. Now he's preparing for a new achievement, and for this purpose he came to Buryatia. Alexander spent the weekend at Lake Baikal in village Gremyachinsk (hotel "Baikal Riviera"). On July 10, he visited Ivolginskii Datsan.

Alexander Muromskiy has multiple Guinness Book record. Inflating rubber heaters to break that seem balloons when they are taken for heroes; tearing thick phone books; twisting two pans into a tube; twisting metal rods in the ring; tearing the pan in half - it's just a small part of the possibilities of our "Russian Bogatyri".

Hotel "Mergen Bator" is glad to meet Alexander Muromskiy and proud that the athlete chose our hotel once again.