School children from Manchuria arrive to Ulan-Ude for holidays at the lake Baikal

July 18, 2014

100 Chinese school children will visit Buryatia from 20 to 22 of July in terms of “The Year of youth exchange programmes in Russia and China”. On July, 20 pupils from sister city of Ulan-Ude - will arrive to the capital of Buryatia by train from Chita. After greeting breakfast and performances of children groups from the City Palace of Children Creativity the children will visit Tarbagatay village where old-believers live.
Then Chinese guests will go to Gremyachinsk settlement and will stay at the “Baikal Riviera” hotel. The programme organized by the hotel includes various activity games and an entertaining quest devoted to culture and nature of the Republic. When they come back to the capital, a highlight tour along Ulan-Ude and walk along the Sovetov Square are waiting for them.
This Project became possible thanks to partnership Ulan-Ude city administration and Manchuria Tourism Authority (Chinese People’s Republic) with the “Metropol-Express” tour operator. The project is realized in terms of the year of youth exchange between Russia and China in Buryatia and its purpose is to organize regular Baikal trip flow of schoolchildren from border towns of Inner Mongolia.
Return tour visit of schoolchildren from the capital of Buryatia is planned to the end of August – beginning of September 2014. The pupils will visit Xiangshavan desert in Ordos which is 563 km far from Beijing (Autonomous territory Inner Mongolia)