Well-known traveller Sergey Dolya hold a meeting with bloggers in the Buryat Business Centre

July 14, 2014

On the 11th of July at the conference-hall “Sagaan Dali” of the Buryat Business Centre took place the meeting of the famous traveller and blogger Sergey Dolya with his Ulan-Ude colleagues. Sergey Dolya came to Buryatia in terms of auto tour “Russia” where the participants can see the sights, meet the famous people and the residents while travelling.
It is the first visit of Sergey Dolya to Ulan-Ude and he has heard not so much about Buryat side of Baikal since he has been to Irkutsk for 3 times. According to S. Dolya, Baikal is associated with Shamanka Cape and Olkhon Island that are in Irkutsk region. The participants will visit the Ivolginskiy Datsan (Temple), Tarbagatayskiy district of Buryatia and the Ethnographic Museum of Transbaikal nations where they can watch the Folk Music Festival “The voice of Nomads”. There also a flash mob “The city’s heart” will be organized and the winning team will have the right for a free wi-fi at a place.

The bloggers from Ulan-Ude offered the idea to hold the winter expedition like this in order to demonstrate the whole beauty of the unique lake in the wintertime. It should be mentioned that the expedition “Russia” will cross more than 20 thousand kilometers and visit more than 90 cities. It has already passed more than a half of the way – the Volga region, the Ural region, the Altai and others. The end of the tour is Vladivostok where the travelers will achieve on July, 30th.

AS envisioned by the organizers, this expedition stands a good chance to be on the Guinness Book of World Records and of Russian Records. Thus, they are striving to attract their compatriots to see the unique character of every city and to show other Russians that it’s quite possible to spend summer vacations in Russia.
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