Creating festive table with the restaurant "Mergen"

December 30, 2013

Christmas table for 2014 must be gorgeous, so to remember for the whole year and became a symbol of prosperity and wealth of the whole year. It is believed that in the Year of the Horse at the festive New Year's table must be some hot dishes of meat and poultry.
Better to festive table contained no canned foods, just everything is fresh and natural. Vegetables and fruits should also be present at the New Year's table as fresh as well as salads. You can serve any desserts.
We offer you a detailed description of the preparation of hot meals "Cordon Bleu" by the chef of the restaurant "Mergen".

"Cordon bleu" is breaded escalope of veal stuffed with cheese and bacon.
The chef of the restaurant “Mergen” told how to better prepare this dish:
- Chicken fillet must be salted, peppered. Lay the bacon inside, on top – cheese "Gouda", after it's all wrapped in a roll and breaded in flour. Next dip in liaison and bread in bread crumbs. All fried in deep fat, and brought in a combi oven at 180 degrees for 6-7 minutes and is preparing to serve, - says the chef.

chicken fillet - 130 g;
salt and pepper - to taste;
bacon - 30 g
cheese "Gouda" 50-55% fat - 15 g
tomatoes on twig - 50 g
salad - 15 g
chicken egg - 1 piece
breadcrumbs - 10 g
green asparagus - 60 g
olive oil – 20 g
On the recommendation of our chef the prepared dish can be decorated by lettuce, fresh poached asparagus and tomatoes on a branch. Bon appétit!