The Ulan-Ude Mayor’s office is preparing a “star” examination for the hotels

December 26, 2013


In the Republic of Buryatia 2013 – a year of the Tourism is coming to its end. And then 350th  Ulan-Ude’s birthday coming closer and closer. A lot of guests are expected to visit the capital of Buryatia so the city has to provide high-level and comfortable accommodation. In this regard Ulan-Ude’s mayor Alexander Golkov issued the ordinance to classify all the hotels of the city by 2016.

A reporter of the “Baikal Finans” is talking to the head of the Tourism Development department of the Municipal Industry, Consumer’s Market and Tourism Committee Andrei Borodin about the current situation of the hotel room stock in Ulan-Ude, problems and prospects of the hotel business on the whole.

Number of the hotels is now more than a hundred

- Andrei Borisovich, would you tell us how many hotels there are in Ulan-Ude and if there is enough beds on the highest tour season peak?
- There are now 101 hotels in Ulan-Ude that are ready to accommodate 2255 guests. But there also an analysis ratio exists – quantity of the hotel beds per 1000 of residents. This ratio in Ulan-Ude is 4,9 beds. As a comparison, in Moscow – 4 beds, in St. Petersburg – 5,8.

We have to admit that all the hotels on the highest tour season peak meet the standards on accommodation of tourists and they are practically full.

- How many hotels in Ulan-Ude have already undergone certification? Do they meet the International star-rating system standards for the moment?
We have two hotels that have gone through this certification. The first hotel gotten the four star category is the hotel “Siberia” and then the hotel “Baikal Plaza” also acquired such a status. The hotel “Mergen Bator” (37 rooms available) has been recently opened. This hotel was constructed according to all the modern standards and can expect to gain a “five-star” status. Though, it is quite obvious that there are plenty of rooms to meet guests of honour and top-level guests now.  

- How can the hotels undergo the certification in the closest future? What prevented to go through it in the past? 
- The thing is that this year it was decided to introduce regulatory classification of the Tourism Industry objects to provide warranted quality of the hotel service.

There is a definite classification procedure. The Russian Hotel Association is responsible for this in Russia.

- What is in this category acquisition for the hotel?
- The hotel receives extra customer flow. If a person notices the number of stars, he will be sure what level of service he can rely on. Each star increases the tourist expenditure from 1000 up to 3000 roubles.

- The hotels are waiting for classification and certification. However, could you tell us what our hotels lack at the moment when they haven’t undergone certification yet?
- Lack of service: beauty parlours, spa-salons, fitness centres, massage rooms. In the most of the hotels of Ulan-Ude there are no any. There are fitness centres in the hotels “Siberia” and “Mergen Bator”, but in the “Buryatia” and “Baikal Plaza” there are saunas available.

- What are the prospects of the hotel business in Ulan-Ude?
- We have covered the demands of the accommodation of the top-level guests thanks to opening of the hotel “Mergen Bator”.

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