Students from Manchuria were delighted by the lake Baikal

July 22, 2014

On July 22 completed the program of cultural and educational exchange group of a hundred students who arrived in Buryatia from Manchuria. In the Year of youth exchanges between Russia and China, they visited the village Gremyachinsk and Turka.

Students lived at the hotel “Baikalskaya Riviera" in Gremyachinsk.
At the beginning of the tour organizers held a ritual dating to the lake, "Ni Hao, Baikal!". Then they met with Siberian cuisine, participated in the Siberian quest with national games: shaagay, national struggle and rounders and etc.

- Our students are delighting about Lake Baikal, they had never seen so much water! - Said Deputy Head of the Tourism Manchuria Huang Guo Jing.

- At the end of the trip they can’t be collected in the bus. Obviously, they didn’t want to leave. We liked everything: nature, culture of Buryaria and places we visited. Thanks to the organizers. We hope, such visits will be regular in the future

Besides to the Baikal program, the students participated in excursions of the city, they are also introduced to the culture of the Old Believers in the village Tarbagatai.

- Students good speak in English, very disciplined and very receptive to our culture – says one of the organizers of tour, executive officer of “Metropol-Express” Arghan Malatsagaev.

Note, the Chinese delegation was accompanied by a group of Hong Kong national satellite television (Phoenix Satellite TV), they prepare the final program on the trip to Buryatia.

Return cultural visit of students of Buryatia planed in August-September of this year for a trip to the Xiangshawan Desert in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Desert Lotus Hotel) in 563 km west of Beijing.