Grandmaster Sergey Rublevskiy at the Buryat business centre

February 18, 2014

From the 12th to 21st of February the Buryat Business Centre and “Mergen Bator” hotel are holding “The Rublevskiy School”. The School is organized by the Chess Federation of Buryatia supporting by the Group “METROPOL” and Narodny Khural of Buryatia deputies – Vyacheslav Irildeev, Bair Tsirenov and Bair Dorzhiev. The goal of the event is to increase professional skills level of chess players. One of the main objects of the during session is to prepare the leading buryat chess players for the Russia Championship final and the Championship Top League of the Siberian Federal district among men and women.
Such eminent chess players as Zhamsaran Tsydipov, Inna Ivahinova, Anton Tugarin and also some young sportsmen who passed the Siberian Federal district Championship to the Russia Championship final take part in the preparations. The World Champion under 6 years, the Asia champion under 6 years Tugs Timur also joined the School.
In January 2014 took place the awarding ceremony of the Second International chess tournament of Buryatia on classical chess. Sergey Rublevckiy personally greeted the tournaments participants online and noted the high level of competition organization.

For the information: Sergey Rublevskiy – the famous Russian chess player, grandmaster (1994), honored sport master (1998), Russia Champion (2005). As part of the Russia chess team became a four time World Chess Olympics winner (1996, 1998, 2000, 2002) and two time winner of world team Championships. Since 2012 is the senior coach of the Russian women national team.