Hotels in Ulan-Ude will be officially granted with «Stars»

May 21, 2014

The forum called “Baikal Hospitality” which has already become annual will be held in the capital of Buryatia Republic from June 4th till June 7th.
The main goal is development of tourism in the Baikal region and preparation of the 350-year anniversary of Ulan-Ude celebration. Both events will concern sphere of the hotel business and sphere of providing to the guests and citizens of Ulan-Ude different services. During the forum all the hotels that can house more than 20 people will pass classification and “Mergen-Bator” Hotel will receive the 5-stars hotel certificate. 


The head of tourism development department of the Committee on Industry Committee on Industry and Consumer Market Andrey Borodin has reported that within the scope of preparation of the anniversary of Ulan-Ude administration of the city and mayor has set a goal that as greater part of accommodation facilities as possible must suit the international standards. He also reported that during the meeting with business representatives a suggestion was made. This suggestion states that in the ideal all the hotels that can house more than 20 people should pass classification.
Hotels “Ayan Hotel” and “Sakura” has already applied for passing classification.
According to Andrey Borodin the classification must be reaffirmed every four years. Hotels “Siberia” and “Baikal Plaza” which already have 4-stars certificate must reaffirm it in 2015.