The Opening ceremony of the Mergen Bator Hotel was held on November 23, 2013

November 26, 2013

Mergen Bator is a premium class hotel of the Putnik hotels collection owned by the Metropol companies group. It opened its doors on November 23rd in the Buryat Business center in Ulan-Ude. “Mergen Bator” means ‘a sharp-sighted bowman’ in the Buryat language. The arrow logo of the Hotel shows this meaning, symbolizing progress, achievements and success.

The first guests had a tour around the Hotel and could ascertain the advantages of the new hotel complex. Our guests were escorted to the 12 Bar, where they could enjoy a breath-taking view of the night city. The 12 Bar is the only viewing point with a turntable. After the tour the guests participated in the grand ceremony of Opening in the lobby bar.

After the congratulations and the official part of the evening, the entertainment part of the celebration started. The show presenter was a famous pop-star, a singer of the Ivanushki International music band, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov. Such stars of the Russian and Buryat music and humour as residents of the Comedy Club “Duo 20:14”, cover-band “Doctor Jazz” from Irkutsk, flexible girls who became the finalists of the X-factor on Russian TV, Theater of Song and Dance “Baikal”, a famous Buryat singer Chingis Radnaev made the celebration joyful and bright.

During the evening, all the guests were enjoying the fine cuisine of the Mergen restaurant that abounded in both traditional national dishes and very rare and unique dishes: our guests tried salamat, liver in a shirt, luce and Baikal omul cutlets, duck legs with mashed parsnip, mini-boozas, cooked apples with honey and nuts. There were brand drinks – cedar nuts, cranberry and lemon tinctures. 

At the end of the evening Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov sang popular hits of the Ivanushki International and the Doctor Jazz team played world-known jazz compositions.


Основатель ГК "МЕТРОПОЛЬ", депутат М.В. Слипенчук приветствует гостей

Руководитель республиканского агентства по туризму Людмила Максанова вручает директору по региональной деятельности ИФК «МЕТРОПОЛЬ», депутату Народного Хурала РБ Баиру Цыренову памятный знак в рамках Года туризма-2013

Вручение факела Олимпийской эстафеты сотрудником ГК «МЕТРОПОЛЬ» Мариной Сидорович Михаилу Слипенчуку

Андрей Григорьев-Апполонов приветствует гостей.

Гостям предлагают повязать разноцветные хадаки на ритуальный столб "сэргэ"

Артисты театра "Байкал"

Праздничный ужин в ресторане "Мэргэн"

У входа в Бурятский деловой центр гостей встречали всадники