Business master class Irina Khakamada

October 16, 2013

October 14 restaurant "Mergen" presented a unique opportunity to talk live with a public figure, a politician, a standard of a business lady, and just the most interesting person - Irina Khakamada within a business master class "Leadership in Turbulent Times."
Status and format of the event is a workshop for business people - business owners, entrepreneurs and executives.
Programme Contents: This master class is about how to be a true leader, how to find your calling, how to develop leadership in yourself and how it allows people to undergo crises and believe in themselves, what does responsibility mean, how to build a team, how to choose a path to success, and how career depends on development of leadership skills.

1. Characteristics of the world trend. Turbulence and chaos
2. New era. Change Leadership Institute.
3. Who is a leader?  How to develop a leadership
4. Leadership in conditions of stability. Leadership in turbulent times
5. Leadership in times of crisis: tech, tools.
6. Leadership and Career.
7. Methods for the development of intuition. Methods of expanding consciousness
8. Outside the project. Methods used to interrupt the flow

For information: Irina Khakamada is well known and recognized public politician and has extensive experience in government. She is PhD in Economics. Thrice was elected to the State Duma. In 1997-1998 she headed the State Committee for Support of Small Business in the Government.  In 2004 she was nominated for election of the President. Magazine "Time" was named her politician of the XXI century. In the same magazine Irina Khakamada was named among the 100 known women in the world. In politics, she has achieved everything, but disappointed with the political realities, gone without becoming sacrifice her principles. Today actively working on her books, reading workshops, leading television and radio programs, creates her own brand.