Teleconference bridge with Japan in the Buryat Business Centre

July 4, 2014

On July, 2 in the Buryat Business Centre tour operator “Metropol Express” in association with Dokkyo University (Japan) held  the teleconference bridge where one of lectures was devoted to multiculturalism in Buryatia. 500 Japanese students who plan to work in the tour field in future took part in this teleconference.

Moderators of teleconference were professor, teacher of tourism Setsuko Watanabe, one of the founders of inbound tourism in Buryatia Rada Zhalsarayeva and also a tour guide from Ulan-Ude but who lives in Tokyo Natalia Sanzhiyeva.

In terms of the teleconference students watched videos about Buryatia filmed by a well-known film director Solbon Lygdenov, video clip “Baikal Ode” song by Olga Zhigmitova – buryat opera singer. The students also knew a lot of facts about Buryatia, its culture, popular travel destinations and opportunities. The information about flight connection between two countries aroused special interest.

Nowadays one can get Tokyo through Beijing, Khabarovsk and since recently Seul – these cities are connected with the direct flight from Ulan-Ude. It’s important to notice that the same time zone is a good factor attracting Japanese tourists to our Republic.

The participants also accentuated the attractiveness of educational programmes with the opportunity to visit cultural, religious and natural objects. For instance, Japanese tourists visiting Buryatia try to see the ballet directions of a famous compatriot Morihiro Ivata who is now the head of a ballet company in the Buryat State Opera and Ballet House.

Baikal seal is a hero of popular anime in Japan. According to Setsuko Watanabe, it would be amazing to include visiting the Baikal seal rookery in the Chivyrkuyskiy Bay into tour itineraries.

Professor S. Watanabe has visited Buryatia several times in terms of tour events. It is not the first event organized by “Metropol Express” company and the purpose of it is inbound tourism promotion to Buryatia. So last year several promo trips of Japanese journalists were organized with support of the Republican Tourism Agency in particular. This teleconference was held for the first time but the Dokkyo University and “Metropol Express” notice that this project will be a traditional one.

For information:

Dokkyo University is one of the well-known private Japanese universities.  The university is known with its International Exchange and Language programmes.