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Package "Ivolginski temple"

July 5, 2016

Ivolginski temple was opened near Ulan-Ude in 1945, now called the spiritual capital of Russia's Buddhists. It is the largest Buddhist complex on the territory of our country. With its built history began reviving the Buddhist tradition in Russia, almost completely destroyed in the first decades of Soviet rule.
Today pilgrims from the surrounding region and from other countries come specifically to see the incorrupt body Khambo Lama XII. It is believed that it helps those who ask him. Datsan continues to evolve, becoming in a few decades from a small blue house in the monastery, where you can hear every prayer of the monks, echoing the words of the Buddha said 2500 years ago.
Purchasing a package "Ivolginski temple" away "Mergen Bator" You will receive:
1) Accommodation in a hotel room of your choice
2) Transfer hotel-Datsan, Datsan-hotel
3) Guided tour of the complex datsans
4) An opportunity to purchase traditional Buryat souvenirs
5) Lunch with traditional Buryat food in the temple
6) At the hotel:
7) Access to the premium class fitness club "Bagatur"
8) Swimming pool, sauna, hamam
9) Free Wi-Fi Access
10) Continental breakfast at the restaurant "Mergen"
Price (per 1 person): Accommodation cost + 5000 rub.
* Consult the staff about availability of rooms. Package should be ordered no later than 72 hours before the excursion day.